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We have found a system that can quite literally provide you with as much or as little as you require.                           System and house                                                                  

  • Non invasive installation!

  • No chiselling or re-plastering!

  • Installed in less than one afternoon!*

  • Programmed prior to installation to your specifications

Just some of it’s features

  • Intruder

  • Flood

  • Fire alarm

  • Panic alarm

  • Duress alarm

All the above alarms can be programmed to send messages to a series of up to 4 phone lines until acknowledged (including mobiles). Giving you peace of mind away from home.

  • Latchkey message — this can help provide peace of mind to parents, the children have a separate code which when entered will send a message to the parents phone letting them know they are home.

  • Key fob & phone remote settings

  • These are just some of the features, ask for more details

  • Prices start from a realistic £299 including installation

alarm system


*Depending on size and complexity of installation ordered.